Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Making play dough

Last week Room 20 and Mrs. Trembath came to our class to make play dough. Mrs Wallace, Trish, and Mrs Clyde helped us as well.

We paired up with a buddy and followed instructions.
We put some flour, salt, tar tar, oil, food colouring, and water into the bowl and mixed it with our hands!

But wait, what did we use to put these ingredients in? Yes! We used measuring cups and spoons to put the right amount, otherwise it wouldn't have become play dough!

Some of us made pink playdough like the colour of marshmallows, some made yellow play dough like the colour of Minions, some made green like the colour of Shrek.

They felt squashy, soft, sticky, and gooey.

It was so so so much fun making play dough and we learned about correct way of using measuring cups and spoons.

Note to parents: this is one of the great activities that you can do with your children at home to teach them about measurement :) 


  1. It was great fun playing with the play dough at home too!

    1. Nice to hear that you are using it at home! :)

  2. Wow Room 10 Your playdough looks great! I made playdough at home.

  3. Room 10 we really enjoyed learning how to make playdough with you all. Room 20 and Room 10 worked super well together!
    From Mrs Trembath and R20