Saturday, 13 June 2015

Growing beans

Out topic for this term is Edible Garden so we looked at what seeds need to grow, parts of a plant, and read books about seeds.

A tiny seed needs soil, water, and sun to grow big and healthy.

On Thursday, Miss Joo brought us some beans and we decorated little bag, put the wet paper towel and a bean into the bag.

They started with just a normal brown bean and then some of them have cracked open and started to sprout a tiny root. But some of the beans need more time to grow, just like our heights are all different.

We are very excited to see them growing up!


  1. I liked it how you planted your beans.

  2. Hazel Spinnler (Danielle's mum)25 July 2015 at 16:20

    What a great project learning about how seeds grow, interesting that some grew at different rates. Danielle is still looking after hers at home and it's growing really well.

    1. Nice to hear it is still growing well! Well done! :)