Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Botanic Garden Trip

On Wednesday we went on a trip to Botanic Garden. We looked at Edible garden, Potter's children's garden, African garden, herb garden, and rock garden.
We saw so many amazig plants - cactus, banana trees, capsicum trees, vegetables and fruits, herbs, flowers, and many more!
After lunch, we went to an education centre to learn about fruits and vegetables. We planted a bean into a soil and we planted a little plant, we also tasted yummy lemonades and little baby carrots.
What did we learn? We learned that fruits have seeds inside them. We eat parts of a plant such as stem, roots, leaves, fruits, flowers.
We sorted out vegetables into different parts of plants and matched the fruits and plants to the things that we see at the supermarket. It was very interesting to see what we eat everyday are actually made out of! 
Even though we were very tired in the end because we walked all day, today was incredibly fun and we learned so much!
We got to take the pots which we planted beans inside back and they are now placed in our classroom until the end of this term then we will take them home later!
Well done Room 10! You all rock! 
More photos will be coming up soon!
Can you spot the bananas?
Where are capsicums?
Look at those spiky cactus!!
We are inside of an egg!
Oh we loved the misty jungle!
At the education centre with Caroline.

Shhh......Can you find the bunny?


  1. Great photos! It was a very fun trip and we learnt a lot too!

  2. You would have lots of fun on the trip.